Creating a Tabloid Newspaper From A Master File for Either Print or Digital With Affinity Publisher

Creating a Tabloid Newspaper From A Master File for Either Print or Digital is a snap if you use a preprepared Master File such as supplied here.
Move past the limitations of a Blog and really get into Newspaper Production.
Related files can be found on: and
Look for Tabloid Newspaper Master. It contains all you need.

You will discover that I use a lot of images throughout my tutorials, and they come from a variety of sources including the free sources built right into the Affinity products like Pixabay and Unsplash. If you want to download professional graphics and fonts you can’t do better than to visit these links to and

A Little About My Channel
Thank you for taking the time to read this little extra. Liking and Subscribing to my channel really helps to support my creative efforts. I love making these How-To-Use-Affinity videos, it’s a lot of fun.

My Channel Details.

My Design Graphics used in Tutorials largely comes from
from packages like these examples:
○ Massive SVG Bundle:
○ Family monogram bundle SVG & Free split monogram letters:
○ The Mega SVG Bundle Design. More than 650 Designs included:

○ Fantastic Super Big Bundle:
○ Power Duos – A Huge Font Bundle with 10 duo/trio sets!:

So what kit do I use to create my channel content?
Topics generally covered:
Technology – Topic
Photography – Topic
Design – Topic

Content made with the following Software.
Affinity Photo – Topic
Affinity Designer – Topic
Affinity Publisher – Topic

& Hardware
Apple Pencil & the iPad Mini 5
Mac Mini 2012. 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD. 1TB HDD. External storage on 3 x 1 TB HDDs.

Video production with:
LumaFusion (iPad)
iMovie (Mac and iPad)
Keynote (Mac and iPad)
Pages (Mac and iPad)
IntroMate (iPad and iPhone)
PromptSmart Pro (iPad)

Book & Script Writing
Scrivener (Mac, iPad, iPhone)

Note Keeping and Repository of Ideas.
Evernote (iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows)

Lots of YouTube ideas from

The whole Channel:

○ A Project in Affinity Publisher and Mastering Master Pages Creating A Multi-Master Brochure
○ Affinity Photo Inpainting on iPad in Affinity Photo
○ Knockout Text & Shapes in Affinity Photo iPad
○ Affinity Photo and Gradients on iPad
○ Affinity Photo and Text On Curves
○ Affinity Photo iPad and Working With Gradients
○ Affinity Designer and Photo. Using Perspective



○ Affinity Designer for iPad –
○ Affinity Photo for iPad –
○ Affinity Designer Workbook –
○ Affinity Photo Workbook –
○ DepositPhotos –
○ Scrivener –
○ Scrapple –
○ SAM Broadcaster Pro –
○ SAM DJ –
○ Video Hero – Video Skills for Entrepreneurs –

DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission.

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