Creating Christmas Colouring Books for Kids V1 For Low Content Publishing in Affinity Publisher

Creating Christmas Colouring Books for Kids is a video detailing the really easy way to use pre-made KDP Interiors available through Creative Fabrica, and so easy to use you can have a Low Content Publication on KDP in under an hour. Just follow the steps and the links and you are Published in no time at all.

While the links are Affiliate links, I thought they were too exciting to keep to myself.

The following links refer to the Bundles and Design Packs used in this tutorial.

Christmas Gnome Colouring Page for Kids.
Christmas Activity Book for Kids
Christmas Colouring Books for Kids Vol 1
Christmas Colouring Books for Kids Vol 2

Full Halloween Activity Book For Children

The Mega-SVG Bundle
The Water Colour Clipart Bundle
Hello Kamilla Font – Out November 26
The Mega Craft Bundle
Let Your Dreams Bloom

The Best Graphics, Design, Embroidery & Font Bundles
First a freebie.

Then: Envato Elements: Unlimited Stock Videos, Music, Photos & Graphics.

The two best creative packs so far;
The Essential Creative Library.
For Sublimation and other Crafters, this is a must-have!

The Vintage Lover’s Creative Arsenal

Head back in time and immerse yourself in an array of vintage design treasures; whether you’re looking to create a Da Vinci work of art, a retro comic book or an authentically aged map (and anything in between), this collection has you covered.

○ Design Cuts:
○ Deposit Photos:
○ Design Bundles:
○ Font Bundles:
○ Massive SVG Bundle:
○ Family monogram bundle SVG & Free split monogram letters:
○ The Mega SVG Bundle Design. More than 650 Designs included:

○ Fantastic Super Big Bundle:
○ Power Duos – A Huge Font Bundle with 10 duo/trio sets!:

The whole Channel:



○ Affinity Designer for iPad –
○ Affinity Photo for iPad –
○ Affinity Designer Workbook –
○ Affinity Photo Workbook –
○ Affinity Publisher Workbook –
○ DepositPhotos –
○ Scrivener –
○ Scrapple –
○ Video Hero – Video Skills for Entrepreneurs –

DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission.

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