Equations Editing in Affinity Photo for the Adventurous Artist and Photographer

Affinity Photo has an Equations Editor panel under tools. Filters – Distort – Equations. Now if your trigonometry is good, you can roll your own equations. If not – copy others. It’s fun and can produce some startling results especially when applied to images.
There is very little information about it out there, and what is there is now quite old and for much earlier versions. Hopefully, this video is a trend… so don’t forget to subscribe and watch for developments.

From John Rostron-Affinity Forum
I wished to create a sine wave of three cycles, so the multiplier in the sine function is three times two pi, or 6*pi.

This one works.
Works to distort the text, and creates a sine wave if fiddled with. On a Layer.
Screen Recording using

Some old – some new links. All good.

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