How To Design A Romance Book Cover in Affinity Photo On The iPad

How To Design A Romance Book Cover in Affinity Photo On the iPad is a tutorial that shows you the fundamental ideas behind a good Romance cover, and takes you through each easy step. You don’t have any difficult secret steps. Just basic design ideas you can easily follow. ==================== First a freebie. The two best creative packs so far; The Essential Creative Library. For Sublimation and other Crafters, this is a must-have! The Vintage Lover’s Creative Arsenal Head back in time and immerse yourself in an array of vintage design treasures; whether you’re looking to create a Da Vinci work of art, a retro comic book or an authentically aged map (and anything in between), this collection has you covered. If you need a good source of quality images, DepositPhotos ○ Master The Revolution in publishing, photography, and design software with Affinity Publisher, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Designer. #RobertChalmers #AffinityPublisher #AffinityPhoto #AffinityPublisher. Support files often included with the videos can be found on: and, the companion site. ○   Design Cuts: ○   Deposit Photos: ○   Design Bundles: ○   Font Bundles: ○ Massive SVG Bundle: ○ Family monogram bundle SVG & Free split monogram letters: ○ The Mega SVG Bundle Design. More than 650 Designs included: Fonts: ○ FONT BUNDLES COLLECTION: ○ Fantastic Super Big Bundle: ○ Power Duos – A Huge Font Bundle with 10 duo/trio sets!: Graphic and Video Content made with the following Software. Affinity Photo – Topic Affinity Designer – Topic Affinity Publisher – Topic Final Cut Pro and Motion iMovie and Keynote LumaFusion and IntroMate Hardware Apple Pencil & the iPad Mini 5 Mac Mini 2012. 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD. 1TB HDD. External storage on 3 x 1 TB HDDs. iMac Late 2015. 8GB RAM and 1TB Fusion TimeMachine iCloud Dropbox Book & Script Writing Scrivener (Mac, iPad, iPhone) Note Keeping and Repository of Ideas. Evernote (iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows) OTHER VIDEOS YOU MAY LIKE: The whole Channel: ○ A Project in Affinity Publisher and Mastering Master Pages Creating A Multi-Master Brochure ○ Affinity Photo Inpainting on iPad in Affinity Photo ○ Knockout Text & Shapes in Affinity Photo iPad ○ Affinity Photo and Gradients on iPad ○ Affinity Photo and Text On Curves ○ Affinity Photo iPad and Working With Gradients ○ Affinity Designer and Photo. Using Perspective COME SAY HI! Facebook: Blog: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: WeiBo: TOOLS & BOOKS I USE: ○ Affinity Designer for iPad –  ○ Affinity Photo for iPad – ○ Affinity Designer Workbook – ○ Affinity Photo Workbook – ○ Affinity Publisher Workbook – ○ DepositPhotos – ○ Scrivener – ○ Scrapple – ○ KDSPY – ○ Video Hero – Video Skills for Entrepreneurs – DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission.

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