How to Upload an EPUB to Smashwords

This video explains how to upload an eBook to Smashwords as an EPUB. This is the most professional option for distributing high-quality eBooks through Smashwords to platforms such as iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.

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[0:05] – What is EPUB Direct from Smashwords?
[1:19] – Smashwords-specific requirements for the EPUB
[2:47] – Validating your EPUB per EPUBCheck
[3:41] – Entering metadata and in the publishing section of Smashwords
[5:55] – Uploading your cover (note: must be at least 1400px wide)
[6:27] – Uploading your EPUB eBook
[7:05] – Verifying EPUB upload on your product page
[7:48] – Assigning an ISBN to your eBook
[8:15] – Examining your dashboard (should say “Pending Review”)
[8:50] – Getting email from Smashwords confirming EPUBCheck verification
[9:15] – Updating your Smashwords eBook with a new EPUB and cover
[11:30] – Resubmitting your eBook for Premium Status following updating

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