Illustrating Dramatic Light & Reflections in Your Design on iPad From The Affinity Designer Workbook

Illustrating Dramatic Light & Reflections in Your Design on iPad From The Affinity Designer Desktop Workbook. Illustrating Dramatic Light & Reflections in Your Design on iPad. This project is taken directly from the Affinity Designer Workbook, but done on the iPad, which means that there are a lot of different controls to get used to. However it’s worth the effort because the result is fantastic. This project can be transferred to your Fantasy Art, Sci-Fi or just about any genre you like.
What’s more, it’s all done in Designer which means its Vector art that can be used anywhere.
This project will offer you an exciting and rewarding challenge. It’s hoped you enjoy it and gain something from it. It is quite long.
Working with Affinity Designer gives your design work great scope.

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0:10 Opening
2:15 Document Setup
3:25 Background
5:24 Night Sky
6:50 Midground
8:25 Foreground
9:58 Lighting
11:52 Next Building
13:13 Document Palette
14:43 Background Skyscrapers
15:25 Cylinder Shading
15:42 Highlighting Edges
16:26 Outlines
19:59 Detail
21:00 Floors
22:56 Windows
26:36 Morre Skyscraper Windows
28:13 More Detail
28:26 Nice Touches
29:22 Uplights
29:58 Rooftops
30:44 Adding Stars
31:46 Waterside Buildings
31:56 Reflections
35:00 Streets

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