Knockout Text In Affinity Designer For iPad – Basic Steps for Beginners and Newcomers Alike

Knockout text is a technique where words are clipped out of an element and reveal the background. In other words, you only see the background because the letters are knocking out holes. It’s appealing because it opens up typographic styles that we don’t get out of traditional CSS properties.

Robert Chalmers – Bad Design Is Not An Option
Master The Revolution in publishing, photography, and design software with Affinity Publisher, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Designer.
#RobertChalmers #AffinityPublisher #AffinityPhoto #AffinityPublisher.
All of these videos are designed with the beginner in mind. You will find plenty of guidance in these videos. They are made mostly as slide shows, just like in college so that they are easy to follow and usually short so that they contain just what you want to learn.
The focus is on the iPad because a lot of people use them, and they are in fact as good as the desktop versions; although slightly differing in command sets.

From Novice to professional there is always something.

Support files often included with the videos can be found on: and, the companion site.

The Graphics and Images used in Videos and Tutorials largely come from
DepositPhotos, 123RF, The Stock Studios in the Affinity Programs and from Design Cuts, Frankentoon, and others too numerous to name.
○ Design Cuts:
○ Deposit Photos:
○ Design Bundles:
○ Font Bundles:
○ Massive SVG Bundle:
○ Family monogram bundle SVG & Free split monogram letters:
○ The Mega SVG Bundle Design. More than 650 Designs included:

○ Fantastic Super Big Bundle:
○ Power Duos – A Huge Font Bundle with 10 duo/trio sets!:

Graphic and Video Content made with the following Software.
Affinity Photo – Topic
Affinity Designer – Topic
Affinity Publisher – Topic
Final Cut Pro and Motion
iMovie and Keynote
LumaFusion and IntroMate

Apple Pencil & the iPad Mini 5
Mac Mini 2012. 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD. 1TB HDD. External storage on 3 x 1 TB HDDs.

Book & Script Writing
Scrivener (Mac, iPad, iPhone)
Note Keeping and Repository of Ideas.
Evernote (iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows)

Lots of How To Succeed on YouTube ideas from

The whole Channel:

○ A Project in Affinity Publisher and Mastering Master Pages Creating A Multi-Master Brochure
○ Affinity Photo Inpainting on iPad in Affinity Photo
○ Knockout Text & Shapes in Affinity Photo iPad
○ Affinity Photo and Gradients on iPad
○ Affinity Photo and Text On Curves
○ Affinity Photo iPad and Working With Gradients
○ Affinity Designer and Photo. Using Perspective



○ Affinity Designer for iPad –
○ Affinity Photo for iPad –
○ Affinity Designer Workbook –
○ Affinity Photo Workbook –
○ Affinity Publisher Workbook –
○ DepositPhotos –
○ Scrivener –
○ Scrapple –
○ SAM Broadcaster Pro –
○ SAM DJ –
○ Video Hero – Video Skills for Entrepreneurs –

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After, 4 years, of living – under, the leadership, of an American Head of state, unlike, any of his precursors, and also listening to the ramblings, altering narratives, and also/ or, unforeseen actions, of that private, with the changing – of – the – baton, and Joe Biden, ascending to our Presidency, although, it may, appear more plain, and also typical, much of us, really feel, this will be a most – welcome, circumstance! Political truth – checkers, inform us, Head of state Trump, misstated the facts, gave false/ misleading stories, and also/ or, informed lies, at a disconcerting, unheard – of, price/ rate! His evident, lack of planning, …

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Ambulances Can Gift a Life

Ambulances are life-savers and the initial one to deal with every patient. If offered at the last minute, a well-equipped rescue can heavily raise the chances of an individual’s survival. The variety of medical conditions has actually raised over the last few years, which has led to a rise in the variety of unpredicted clinical emergency situations.

Best Ambulance Manufacturers Ensuring Safety

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Ambulance – The Life Saving Vehicle

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Every Detail You Need to Know About Ambulances

Introduction A car that moves clients to medical facility divisions on part of the wellness industry is called an ambulance. This medically applied lorry reacts to medical emergencies and also takes responsibility for the pre-hospital treatments. As an example, very first aid, supporting crucial injuries/illness, transporting the clients to definitive care, etc.

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The Power of Setting Goals – Be S.M.A.R.T

You are deserving of accomplishing your goals so always bear in mind to be S.M.A.R.T while obtaining them done.

Why Leaders Must Bring HOPE?

After, more than four years, of participation, in, virtually, all locations of leading, from determining and also qualify, to training, creating, and speaking with to over a thousand, actual, and also/ or, prospective leaders, in addition to having served as well as stood for components/ stakeholders, as a leader, on numerous events, I believe, when one verbalizes, a message, of HOPE, in a positive, clear way, the opportunities, for higher effectiveness, as well as accomplishments, are dramatically improved! We ought to recognize, most are extra prepared, willing, and also able, to be inspired by a person, with a consistent, reasonable, positive, can – do, mindset, than, someone, who seems to highlight, the reasons, …

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