Publishing your eBook on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Platform

This video tutorial will explain how to publish your MOBI/KF8 eBook through Amazon’s KDP or how to update an existing eBook that has already been published. The process is the same for small presses and self-publishers.

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[0:05] – Introduction to uploading to KDP
[0:30] – Initial files required (JPEG cover and MOBI eBook)
[0:55] – Adding a new title through KDP
[1:20] – KDP Select option
[2:00] – Title and publisher name
[2:35] – Adding a Description
[3:00] – Adding the contributors (including the author’s name)
[3:30] – Language, publishing data, and an ISBN (note: an ISBN is not required at Amazon)
[4:05] – Publishing rights (typically not public domain)
[4:25] – Adding categories and keywords to boost discoverability (2 categories max and 7 keywords max)
[5:40] – Uploading your cover (note: the cover must be uploaded separately, even though the cover is embedded in the MOBI/KF8 eBook)
[6:45] – Uploading your MOBI/KF8 eBook and choosing DRM option (note: please do not upload your EPUB eBook to Amazon)
[7:45] – Previewing your uploaded MOBI/KF8 eBook
[8:50] – Verifying your publishing territories
[9:05] – Pricing and royalty options
[10:25] – Verifying the size of your eBook to estimate the delivery fee
[11:10] – Saving and publishing your eBook [typically takes 12-48 hours]
[11:50] – Verifying your product page looks good: cover, product description, and “Look Inside” feature
[13:20] – Updating an eBook that is already published

Pandemic Immunity and Successful Prayer

This write-up describes the concept of prayer from a greater spiritual viewpoint. It clarifies exactly how we are either hoping positively or adversely: hoping for our grater good or against it, specifically relates to coronavirus. It establishes out how specific prayer jobs and how results are achieved easily.

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Finding Your Spiritual Gift – Apostleship

Our Astrologist Venkat is a commended astrologer having impressive skills in the area of Astrology and horoscope analysis. He has actually operated in every location of people’s life and their issue locations to have actually dealt with every issue he has taken upon himself. If you are already experiencing or you merely desire to secure your loved ones from wizardry, Dr.Rashid has access to the powerful spells that deflect this wickedness and border you with the spiritual forces to maintain it away.

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