Video Tutorials for Readers to Show How to Use Substance B

Connect with your favorite authors and read their free eBook online and offline on Substance B.

[0:00] Introducing Substance B
[0:15] Designed and Created by BB eBooks
[0:25] Offer Authors a Better Way to Connect with the Readers
[0:40] Meet Our Featured Author on Landing Page
[0:54] Connect with Authors through Social Media Channels/Website
[1:03] Follow Us on Social Media
[1:15] Open Author Page
[1:43] Great Website Presentation on Mobile devices
[1:50] Find Your Favorite eBooks to Read
[1:57] Send Direct Messages to Your Favorite Author
[2:08] Sign up for Author’s Newsletter
[2:26] Read Book Description and Buy It from Online Vendors
[2:50] Request a Personalized Copy of eBook
[3:13] Browse Your Favorite eBooks by Genre
[3:26] Read Your Favorite eBooks Online
[3:54] Search for Books by Title
[4:21] Navigate from the Sidebar
[4:25] Adjust Fonts in Substance B’s Reader System
[4:44] Download EPUB/MOBI for Your Mobile Devices or eReaders
[5:25] Read Free Classics
[5:32] Search for Books by Genre/Author
[6:10] Search for a Specific Title in a Particular Genre
[6:24] Open Different eBook Formats on Your eReading Device
[6:51] Use Calibre to Convert eBook Files
[7:23] Contact Us

Concepts of Umrah in Islam and Its Significance

In this article you will certainly understand about the value and also numerous concept of Umrah that just how much significance Umrah has in Islam. You will likewise understand that what are the actions of Umrah and how you can do it in a perfect way? This is all because Allah enjoys and also likes those that invest their time and cash for Allah, for his true blessings, to get his kindness as well as to totally free themselves from Wrongs.

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Overcoming 2020… 3 Learnings to Set Yourself Up for 2021

Your past does not determine your future. 2020 has actually provided us the chance to make this understanding come true … find out just how.

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