Viewing an EPUB and MOBI eBook on Your PC

This video will explain how to view an eBook on your PC with Adobe Digital Editions (for EPUB) and Amazon Kindle Previewer (for MOBI/KF8 eBooks). There is also a discussion of the components of an eBook and how to verify that your eBook is of high-quality. Publishers and authors should pay special attention to quality issues with their eBooks prior to actually publishing.

[0:05] – Introduction to EPUB and MOBI eBooks
[0:45] – Downloading and Installing Adobe Digital Editions
[1:55] – Opening your EPUB eBook
[2:10] – Viewing the Cover
[2:20] – Explaining and Navigating the “Metadata” Table of Contents (aka the NCX Table of Contents)
[2:55] – Why are There Two Tables of Contents?
[3:20] – Looking through Your eBook and Explanation of “Reflowable” Layouts
[4:00] – Altering the Viewport of Your eBook to See How Reflowable Content Works
[4:50] – Examining Drop Caps
[5:20] – Downloading Kindle Previewer from Amazon
[6:00] – Explanation of Why It Is Important as a Publisher to View Your eBook on Amazon
[6:50] – Installing the Kindle Previewer Software
[7:35] – Opening the MOBI/KF8 eBook
[8:15] – Previewing your MOBI/KF8 eBook on Different Kindle Devices Using Kindle Previewer
[8:40] – Accessing the Cover
[8:45] – Changing from Portrait to Landscape View
[9:00] – Why are There No Dropcaps on Kindle for iOS and older e-ink Kindles?
[9:45] – Viewing Your eBook in Night Mode
[10:30] – Changing Font Sizes and Verifying Reflowability

How To Rapidly Build A Large Real Estate Portfolio Using Buy Rehab Rent Refinance and Repeat

In this post, you will get a full understanding of exactly how to build a big realty profile by utilizing buy, reb, rent, re-finance and duplicate the strategy. I discovered this approach after attending among on-line video training by Daniil Kleyman of True Vision Analytics and I need to say it is an eye-opener. After that I determined to share my point of views on the approach right here and with any luck, you can place it to great use and also make even more money in genuine estate investing. Please talk about your idea and views after reviewing as well as I hope you enjoy it.

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Cat Care: How Often Should You Bathe Your Cats?

According to the National Cat Groomers of America, it’s suggested to give your cats a bathroom (with a coiffure) every 4 to 6 weeks to keep their furs tidy and also shiny also to avoid having matted or showered fur. So just how often should you shower pet cats?

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Honour Your Own Healing Journey

Perhaps you have gotten on the healing course for a variety of years now or possibly you have actually only just started out. Either means, what you might discover is that you have the propensity to contrast your own life with others.

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